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Irene Lefton

Customer Success Executive
Santa Clara California
I enjoy aligning strategy with the voice of the customer. My background spans multiple industries and use cases across large companies and start-ups. I gained my understanding of process from my time at Transamerica Insurance and PWC, and I built my flexibility muscles through both successes and failures in several early stage and venture backed start-ups. Working and living in Europe gave me a global perspective and I'm currently advising companies on how to create effective Customer Success teams that scale by matching customer focused staff with pragmatic processes. With 20+ years of experience to leverage, I love to grow both revenue and profit by bringing value to customers and extending customer lifetimes. I work to evangelize our field by being involved in the Customer Success Network Governing Counsel and the Customer Success Association Standards Committee. I'm a lifelong learner who is currently finishing my book titled “Who Speaks for the Customer?”